Avoid Your Shoes on Wooden Flooring

There are some countries that they are practicing to remove their shoes before entering the house. This is a common tradition that is passed from one generation to another. Of course, we could not tell them that it is wrong or not good since this is one of their beloved beliefs. They have a very specific reason on why they are doing it. If you are curious then, you can research something about this one so that you can understand things a bit deeper. This will give the chance to know those weird but unique culture that they have.  

It is not a kind of belief in some certain countries and cities but removing your shoes before getting inside the house is a must. This can be a good way to keep to make the place clean especially if the flooring is made from the hardwood flooring Kansas City. The house owners are just paying too much attention to make the life span of the floor longer and avoid possible maintenance in the coming days and months. It is not limited to the shoes, slippers, but also to the different kinds of sneakers and sandals.  

Others would just leave their shoes when the weather is not good especially if the rain is heavy. They need to let the shoes stay on the mat or outside the door so that the dirt won’t get inside. Muddy dirt could be very hard to remove and of course, it has a very distinct smell that can diffuse inside your home. This can make you feel very uncomfortable and try your very best to get rid of that unpleasant smell. More than that, some house owners are said to believe about the cleanliness and making the flooring really nice and better. Here are some of those what they believe.  

If you want to secure your place that is free from any types of germs, then you need to consider removing your shoes before you get excited to enter the house. Remember that your shoes or footwear walks to different places and then it can stick some germs and bacteria that you didn’t see. If you are not convinced, then you can check the sole part of the shoes in a microscope. This will tell you so many things and you can be very shocked that it is true.  

Others would say that shoes can carry out those germs but you need to consider the dirt that you can bring inside the house. This dirt can harm the surface of the wooden flooring. There are cases that you need to wipe this one out so hard. There are options as well that you will use some harsh chemicals as you are very desperate to remove the smell of that dirt. You can have your own home slipper that you can use whenever you are inside the house. But you need to make sure that you won’t use this one outside the house to avoid picking some dirt.